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Sale at Marika

Marika was my brand of choice for workout clothes until I discovered Lululemon, Beyond Yoga, and my newest favorite, Lucy.  Now I love them all, but Marika is still the cheapest of the lot.  I’ve found Marika at T.J. Maxx … Continue reading

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The $4.75 Sports Bra!

I’m always on the lookout for the perfect sports bra.  If I’m doing an intense workout,  I want to stay as cool as possible while still feeling like I look cute!  My outfit of choice is just a sports bra … Continue reading

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Most Flattering (and Cheerful!) Yoga Pants Ever

I recently decided to infuse a little color into my workout clothes since all the black, white and grey I had was beginning to get depressing.  I started with some purple and pink tops, but got really tired of pairing … Continue reading

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When You Have to Stop Working Out for a While

Exercising is so weird.  What I mean is, when you’re into it, you’re REALLY into it.  You feel great; you’re getting fit.  You work out literally as many hours as you realistically can.  You push yourself.  You become obsessed.  You … Continue reading

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Sale at Lululemon

Lululemon and Beyond Yoga make, in my opinion, the cutest, most flattering, most comfortable, and most beautifully designed workout and yoga clothes on earth.  Oh, and do they ever know it.  I’m considering having my employer just send them half … Continue reading

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The Ones That Got Away

Aaaargh!  I think these may be the cutest workout capris I have ever seen.  I absolutely love the detail on the back of the knee.  This is my favorite kind of item to wear on my lower half during workouts … Continue reading

Running Skirts

It’s 12:32 a.m. and I’m on my 4th post for today.  Well, I guess it’s technically the first post of the next day.  Can you tell that: 1. I’m excited about this blog 2. I’m on winter vacation? But since … Continue reading

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