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In Vitro Fertilization: “No Exercise Allowed” Leads Directly to Sweet Potato Fries

I’m 41, and I didn’t meet my husband until I was 37.   As a result, we were late to the game in starting a family.  I haven’t been able to get pregnant, so we are finally trying In Vitro Fertilization … Continue reading

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A Revolutionary New Program Ensures That You Stay Consistent With Your Workouts

Experts agree that the keys to fitness are variety, intensity and consistency.  So we at have created a new and innovative system to ensure that you master at least one of those keys forever:  consistency.  You don’t need to … Continue reading

A Place to Store a Stability Ball!

I have wanted a stability ball for years.  However, I’ve held out because my living room is my workout space and there is absolutely no way to hide that thing.   I’ve racked my brains trying to figure out where to … Continue reading

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When Your Living Room Doubles as Your Workout Space

In my opinion, the greatest obstacle to working out in your home is not lack of time, and not lack of motivation.  It’s the coffee table.  There it sits, impassive and unmoved by your plight while it blocks a relatively … Continue reading

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What to Eat Before Working Out

Whenever possible, I like to work out first thing in the morning because I feel good about it the rest of the day.  Plus, there’s no chance I’ll end up skipping my workout later!  It also helps me avoid this … Continue reading

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Tip: A Place for Your Rings

I wear my rings all the time, but I don’t like to have them on while I exercise—especially if I’ll be holding weights.  However, I kept forgetting to take them off before I started, and then in the middle of … Continue reading

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Tip for Avoiding Ads and Other Un-fastforwardables

It used to be that I would get everything set up to work out, put in the DVD, and then. . .wait.  And wait!  Why?  Because they just love to put all sorts of things at the beginning of the … Continue reading

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What’s So Great About Exercise Videos?

It’s always amazed me that I don’t know anyone else who uses exercise videos and  DVD’s as much as I do.  I’ve tried to get friends hooked, but generally their eyes just glaze over.  Even when people comment that I … Continue reading

Welcome to my first post!

With the creation of this blog, I am officially coming clean—I am a fitness video fanatic. I’ve been working out at home with videos for fourteen years!  I’ve occasionally strayed from my collection over the years by joining gyms and … Continue reading