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Review: Intensity Series Cardio and Weights, Cathe Friedrich

via YouTube I’ve been working out long enough (about a month) that yesterday I felt ready to tackle one of my Cathe’s.  If you’re not familiar with Cathe Friedrich, she is the reigning queen of the advanced home workout.  She’s … Continue reading

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Changing Fitness Trends

What’s with the backlash against crunches?  I keep seeing them described as “endless” “tedious” and “ineffective.”   What?  I’ve always enjoyed them, partly because I can kind of relax and get into a zone while I do them, and partly because … Continue reading

Review: Sculpture Upper Body, Margaret Richard

Although Margaret Richard has been in the business of making exercise videos for years, I never had any of her stuff until now.   It used to be hard to find even in VHS form, but now you can buy DVD’s … Continue reading