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Step Aerobics: Still in Style in My Living Room

I love step, and I sincerely wish it were still trendy!  When I mention that I do step, it’s like I walked into New York’s Bryant Park during fashion week wearing a Dress Barn sweater set from 1994.  I get … Continue reading

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Review: Intensity Series Cardio and Weights, Cathe Friedrich

via YouTube I’ve been working out long enough (about a month) that yesterday I felt ready to tackle one of my Cathe’s.  If you’re not familiar with Cathe Friedrich, she is the reigning queen of the advanced home workout.  She’s … Continue reading

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Review: Tap Less And Step More, Deirdre Morris

  Tap Less and Step More is the latest complex step DVD I’m trying to work out the choreography for.  It’s very choreography-intensive.  Today is the fifth time I’ve tried it, and I almost have it down.  It’s got awesome … Continue reading