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A Revolutionary New Program Ensures That You Stay Consistent With Your Workouts

Experts agree that the keys to fitness are variety, intensity and consistency.  So we at have created a new and innovative system to ensure that you master at least one of those keys forever:  consistency.  You don’t need to have any special skills or even much discipline.  Discipline, in fact, could impede your results.  You see, it all comes down to procrastination!

You may think you already know all about procrastination, but if you’re like most people, you’re going about it all wrong.  You see, everyone knows how to avoid working out by procrastinating.  It’s pretty simple.  You just walk around the house in your workout clothes, stopping now and then to check your e-mail and sort through your husband’s fifty white t-shirts to make two separate piles of cleaned and stained ones.  You might then try on a different workout outfit or two.  In this way, you can while away a perfectly pleasant afternoon, but unfortunately, you don’t get any exercise in.

Many people diligently follow this routine year after year, yet still don’t get the visible results that they’re looking for.  That’s why today, we bring you Procrastination Xtreme:  Procrastinate Your Way to Total Success!  The secret—wait for it—is to find something that you want to do even less than exercise!!  That’s right, something you dread even more!  Got paperwork that you brought home from your job?  Work out instead!  Have to clean the kitchen before you can even start making dinner?  Just work out!  Need to call the handyman because the coat rack he put up is falling down?  Hey, he’ll still be there—work out first!

This revolutionary system has changed my life and it can change yours too.  It’s totally customizable to your fitness needs and interests.  I lost 5 pounds in just one week! To help you track your progress, we’ll include a tape measure so that you can tie one end around your doorknob and the other end around a heavy piece of furniture to keep people from entering your home and seeing the sad state it’s become.   We’ll also include a pencil.  No, it’s not to be used to test how low your butt sags, but to write down how many hours you have worked out when you should have been doing something else.  Just watch the hours pile up with the laundry!  Lastly, we’ll include a specialized eating plan—don’t cook anything!  Work out instead!  You’ll see it’s possible to live just on canned soup, crackers, celery sticks, and Pirate Booty.  Or, live a little and throw in a handful of chocolate chips with your canned applesauce!

So don’t wait, call now or CLICK HERE to order your very own copy of Procrastination Xtreme!  If you order in the next 30 minutes, you’ll get a free copy of our bonus workout:  Spend Every Dollar of Your Flexible Income on Workout Clothes and Equipment So That You Will Have to Use Them.  Operators are standing by!!

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