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The Firm Crosstrainers: Firm Strength, Pam Cauthen

via YouTube The Firm Cross Trainers:  Firm Strength is one of my favorite workouts, even though it’s an older one.  The release date was 2000, so there are no leg warmers, but you still get nude panty hose and thongs … Continue reading

Chinese Wisdom


My husband and I ordered in dinner for New Year’s Eve from our favorite Chinese restaurant.  I got steamed fish, and the bottom of the aluminum container had this extremely helpful suggestion: Looks like Buns of Steel or Cathe’s Butts … Continue reading

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Goal for the New Year: Banish the Critical Thoughts

Last night when I was looking in the mirror, I sighed, and literally said in my head, “won’t my thighs ever slim down?”  This was particularly unfair of me to say to myself, since I have been working out seriously … Continue reading

The Ones That Got Away

Aaaargh!  I think these may be the cutest workout capris I have ever seen.  I absolutely love the detail on the back of the knee.  This is my favorite kind of item to wear on my lower half during workouts … Continue reading

Review: Sculpture Upper Body, Margaret Richard

Although Margaret Richard has been in the business of making exercise videos for years, I never had any of her stuff until now.   It used to be hard to find even in VHS form, but now you can buy DVD’s … Continue reading

Working on the Hips, Thighs, and Butt: A New Approach

Whenever I’ve worked out consistently, I’ve done some ab work every day.  Most of my cardio workouts had “bonus” abs at the end, and if they didn’t, I’d throw in some abs from other workouts or tack on a segment … Continue reading

Running Skirts

3 skirtsport skirts

It’s 12:32 a.m. and I’m on my 4th post for today.  Well, I guess it’s technically the first post of the next day.  Can you tell that: 1. I’m excited about this blog 2. I’m on winter vacation? But since … Continue reading

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What’s So Great About Exercise Videos?

It’s always amazed me that I don’t know anyone else who uses exercise videos and  DVD’s as much as I do.  I’ve tried to get friends hooked, but generally their eyes just glaze over.  Even when people comment that I … Continue reading

Technique for Crunches

Here’s a video I found on YouTube recently of Joanna Hall, fitness expert for Marie Claire.  I really like Technique Tip #1–placing your feet further away from your butt when doing crunches.  I’ve been doing this, and I really do … Continue reading

Review: Tap Less And Step More, Deirdre Morris

  Tap Less and Step More is the latest complex step DVD I’m trying to work out the choreography for.  It’s very choreography-intensive.  Today is the fifth time I’ve tried it, and I almost have it down.  It’s got awesome … Continue reading