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Guide to Free Tracy Anderson Workouts!


If you’ve read this post, you know that I can’t work out for a while and need a distraction.  As a result, I’ve done what anyone might do with enough time, motivation, and  procrastination skills.  I’ve created what may be the most thorough compilation in existence of free Tracy Anderson workouts!  Tracy has tons of samples of her method on YouTube, which is great since her method is not for everyone.  Trying out some of these videos could help you decide if you want to commit to buying her DVD’s.  Or, if you already love her method, maybe you’ll find something here you haven’t seen before.  If you find a video on YouTube that I missed, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list!

Some notes about the workouts:

  • Some of these links are to workouts where you can follow along, and others are demonstrations of exercises where you can pause, do your own reps, and then continue.  Once you collect a bunch of moves you like, you can create your own workout.  Also, it’s easy to play your own music at the same time.
  • I wouldn’t recommend Tracy Anderson to someone new to exercise or getting back into it after a break.  I’d suggest building strength from other videos first, and then trying her method.  Tracy herself backs me up in this suggestion!  In this video, she recommends the Wii Fit Plus “until you get to the level of being able to handle my training program, if you’re starting from a very basic level.”
  • If you’re fairly fit but not used to Tracy’s approach, please be careful doing these exercises and listen to your body!  Tracy’s moves are not the standards.  They use a wide range of motion at angles that feel unfamiliar, so the chance of injury is high until you get comfortable with the moves.  Do them more slowly than she does at first!
  • Ignore the number of reps she tells you to do!   Tracy says you should “start with 20 reps” and work up to 40, 60, 80, or 100 reps. The problem with these goals is that 20 reps is already a lot for some of these moves, especially when you’re just getting started with her and working with a weak muscle group, as I was.  When I was doing one of the moves in the Hamptons Beach workout and heard that I should be working up to 80 reps, my competitiveness and self-discipline kicked in.  I had to get to at least 20!  20 was the bare minimum!  Even 20 was for beginners and wimps!  As a result, I strained my gluteous minimus.  Don’t be like me! To avoid repetitive stress injuries, it’s critical to listen to your body.  I felt the burn and kept going anyway.  Stopping to stretch before continuing (or stopping completely) makes it possible for you to avoid injury and improve with time.  On the bright side, I think my injury proves that the exercises do in fact target the smaller muscle groups, as Tracy claims.
  • Tracy does floor ab work where you’re on your back and your legs are straight out, which has long been considered problematic for the lower back.  You can even see space between her back and the mat open and close as she crunches.  My core is already pretty strong so it doesn’t bother me, and could be a good way to work on the core at an advanced level.   However, if that’s a weaker area for you, you could easily injure your back.
  • Some of these video clips are from her DVD’s, and I’m not sure why they are available on YouTube—it seems like copyright infrigement.  On the other hand, they were so easy for me to find that I have to assume Tracy knows they’re there and leaves them on to help promote her newest offerings, Metamophasis and Continuity.  They’re an especially great way to try before you buy.















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