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Free and Fun: Just Dance and Christi Taylor on YouTube

Sometimes just jumping around , dancing, and having fun can be a great way to get a cardio workout.  If you like manageble choreography and low impact, here are two free outlets on YouTube!  The videos are short, but if you string them all together, you can get a pretty good cardio effect.   Or, you can add one or two on after another workout for fun.

1.  ”Just Dance” for Wii and Xbox.  I don’t own either of these systems, but lots of people have posted samples on YouTube that you can try out!  I admit to attempting the dance below on several occasions.  If you type “just dance” into the search box, you can find a lot of songs posted!

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2.  One of my favorite instructors, Christi Taylor, has got 12 choreographed songs that are fun and easy to follow.   I’d guess that these are routines that she teaches in live classes, but they’re actually similar in feel to the “Just Dance” ones.  You don’t need a lot of space, and the moves fit well with the songs.  The video quality isn’t fantastic, but hey, it’s free!   Like the little figures that appear on the screen in Just Dance, Christi gives great non-verbal cues to remind you of what’s coming next.  Here are two of my favorites!

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