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Most Flattering (and Cheerful!) Yoga Pants Ever

I recently decided to infuse a little color into my workout clothes since all the black, white and grey I had was beginning to get depressing.  I started with some purple and pink tops, but got really tired of pairing everything with my regulation black bottoms.  So I went bold!  I really love Beyond Yoga, and was amazed at the huge array of colors these gathered leggings come in.  I got the “amber” (bright orange) color—the one in the middle.  I actually can’t believe how are fantastic they are!  I just got them for the fun color, but after I pulled them out of the box and put them on, I literally did not take them off the rest of the day.  They are incredibly soft, and amazingly flattering. The gathered/ruching detail is really cute, and the waistband sits flat and is really comfortable.  I have a small waist with bigger hips and butt, so I’m always thrilled to find something this flattering for my lower half!  I’m a size 8 and the mediums fit perfectly.  I really love the color too–catching a glimpse of that bright orange in the mirror is always a surprise, and it actually makes me smile!

I should note that not all Beyond Yoga pants fit the same way.  I also ordered the knee-length leggings in basic black, and the rise is a lot lower.  I thought they made my thighs and hips look bigger than the gathered leggings!  Can you imagine looking slimmer in bright orange leggings than in black ones?  I wouldn’t have believed it myself.  So I’m sticking with the gathered leggings.  I can’t figure out how to justify another purchase at the moment, but I’m working on it.  If I succeed, I’m going for the bright dahlia pink!

Amazon carries all these different colors on different pages, so if you click on one of these pictures, you might not see the exact color you were looking for.  Also, they list some colors and sizes on individual pages.  If you don’t see your size, try searching for  “Beyond Yoga gathered legging.”  It’s kind of a pain–I wish they would get their act together and consolidate all the pages, even though the sellers are probably different.  In any case, here are the links that have all the different colors pictured:


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