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Step Aerobics: Still in Style in My Living Room

I love step, and I sincerely wish it were still trendy!  When I mention that I do step, it’s like I walked into New York’s Bryant Park during fashion week wearing a Dress Barn sweater set from 1994.  I get … Continue reading

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Treadmill Dancing

We don’t have a treadmill at home.  Well, more accurately, I should say that we don’t have a treadmill I can use!  My husband has one in his office and uses it with this treadmill desk: He works from home, … Continue reading

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Changing Fitness Trends

What’s with the backlash against crunches?  I keep seeing them described as “endless” “tedious” and “ineffective.”   What?  I’ve always enjoyed them, partly because I can kind of relax and get into a zone while I do them, and partly because … Continue reading