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Beware of Resistance Cords!

I had kind of a crummy day today, so I decided to avoid any workout that could result in “drama”–that is, ones where I can’t comfortably do the moves or finish all the reps.  If I’m feeling bad to begin … Continue reading

Treadmill Dancing

We don’t have a treadmill at home.  Well, more accurately, I should say that we don’t have a treadmill I can use!  My husband has one in his office and uses it with this treadmill desk: He works from home, … Continue reading

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A Place to Store a Stability Ball!

I have wanted a stability ball for years.  However, I’ve held out because my living room is my workout space and there is absolutely no way to hide that thing.   I’ve racked my brains trying to figure out where to … Continue reading

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The Firm Crosstrainers: Firm Strength, Pam Cauthen

via YouTube The Firm Cross Trainers:  Firm Strength is one of my favorite workouts, even though it’s an older one.  The release date was 2000, so there are no leg warmers, but you still get nude panty hose and thongs … Continue reading