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Category Archives: Excercise-Related Injuries

Review: Barefoot Cardio, Ellen Barrett

I bought some of Ellen’s workouts a few months ago, but after trying just one of them, I’ve let them sit on the shelf ever since.  Something about Ellen’s style just didn’t appeal me.  The workouts are very gentle and … Continue reading

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When You Have to Stop Working Out for a While

Exercising is so weird.  What I mean is, when you’re into it, you’re REALLY into it.  You feel great; you’re getting fit.  You work out literally as many hours as you realistically can.  You push yourself.  You become obsessed.  You … Continue reading

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Exercise-Related Injury

I’ve finally found an alternative to inner and outer thigh exercises—the Ace bandage!  Just wrap it really tightly around your thigh, and instantly, you’re 10 pounds thinner—at least on one side.  But I guess the people at Spanx already figured … Continue reading

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