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Review: Barefoot Cardio, Ellen Barrett

I bought some of Ellen’s workouts a few months ago, but after trying just one of them, I’ve let them sit on the shelf ever since.  Something about Ellen’s style just didn’t appeal me.  The workouts are very gentle and … Continue reading

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Review: Body Groove Delicious Dance, Misty Tripoli

I’ve finally been cleared to work out after straining what turned out to be my gluteous minimus–a particularly unglamorous injury.  I’ve been easing back into things by doing gentler workouts, so today I tried Misty Tripoli’s Body Groove: Delicious Dance, … Continue reading

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Review: Fat Burning Hip Hop Mix, Billy Blanks Jr.

  I have a long history of attempting dance styles that are completely inappropriate for me. I tried ballet at age 16 and was so traumatized by having to wear a black leotard and pink tights while surrounded by mirrors … Continue reading

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Review: Slim in 6 with Debbie Siebers

I’ve noticed that with Beachbody, the longer you wait, the cheaper you can get a particular set of DVD’s.  So although I’ve been interested in Slim in 6 for years, I just bought it used a few months ago on Amazon for … Continue reading

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Review: Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds Ultimate Collection

Leslie Sansone is one of the top selling fitness video instructors, and now I know why!  These workouts are accessible and effective, especially if you are new to exercise or intimidated about working out. Leslie is really friendly and encouraging, … Continue reading

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Review: Intensity Series Cardio and Weights, Cathe Friedrich

via YouTube I’ve been working out long enough (about a month) that yesterday I felt ready to tackle one of my Cathe’s.  If you’re not familiar with Cathe Friedrich, she is the reigning queen of the advanced home workout.  She’s … Continue reading

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The Firm Crosstrainers: Firm Strength, Pam Cauthen

via YouTube The Firm Cross Trainers:  Firm Strength is one of my favorite workouts, even though it’s an older one.  The release date was 2000, so there are no leg warmers, but you still get nude panty hose and thongs … Continue reading

Review: Sculpture Upper Body, Margaret Richard

Although Margaret Richard has been in the business of making exercise videos for years, I never had any of her stuff until now.   It used to be hard to find even in VHS form, but now you can buy DVD’s … Continue reading

Review: Tap Less And Step More, Deirdre Morris

  Tap Less and Step More is the latest complex step DVD I’m trying to work out the choreography for.  It’s very choreography-intensive.  Today is the fifth time I’ve tried it, and I almost have it down.  It’s got awesome … Continue reading

Review: Winsor Buns and Thighs

Winsor Pilates Buns and Thighs is an awesome little workout that focuses mostly on the lower part of the butt and outer thighs, which is brilliant in my book!  It also has some inner thigh work.  It’s 20 minutes, so … Continue reading