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Brazil Butt Lift with Leandro Carvalho–A Purchase 8 Years in the Making

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I’ve been wanting to try “Brazil Butt Lift” ever since it came out because I used to take water fitness classes with the instructor, Leandro Carvalho!  It was somewhere around 2003, and I ventured away from my videos for a while because I had tried a water aerobics class at a spa and found it to be ridiculously fun. Worth, in fact, getting into a bathing suit for, in the middle of February.  I was living in Brooklyn at the time, but when I saw that Equinox in the West Village offered water classes, I plunked down my $120 a month, parked myself on the subway, and dove in, so to speak.

Leandro was a fantastic instructor, but let’s talk about what really matters.  He was sooo cute!  What a sparkle in the eye!  Those were the days before I met my husband, and Leandro was so charming that I always spent the entire class trying to figure out whether he was gay or straight. (I never did.) Anyway, cuteness and charm aside, Leandro was a master at running those water fitness classes.  He played great music and stood on the deck demonstrating moves for us to do in the water that produced a great cardio workout.  We also used some kind of floating toys for toning exercises.  It felt just like playing around in the pool for an hour!  Leandro never stayed on one exercise too long, and paced the classes well.  Also, like a meticulous 6th grade teacher who speaks her final word of the class right on the bell, he always fit the class exactly to the clock, even though every class was different.  The time flew, and Leandro’s enthusiasm was infectious.  It was so much fun!

A Missed Opportunity Results in a DVD Purchase. . .

Once, after one of the classes, I was on my way out and Leandro asked if me I wanted to participate in a new series of classes he was doing to shape the butt, hips and thighs.  I declined, partly because I was mortified that I obviously needed to work on those areas, and partly because I had felt intimidated in all the other classes at Equinox, which were largely populated by models and Broadway dancers.  But now I wish I had gotten over myself and just tried it!  I think he was probably developing the workouts that ended up being the Brazil Butt Lift series.

So now, eight years later, I’m really excited to finally try Brazil Butt Lift.  I’m on a mission to work the lower body more, and in a variety of ways.  So I just took the plunge and ordered it, despite the steep price tag.  It’s $72.95 on the Beachbody site (including shipping) but $72.80 on Amazon, (also including shipping.) That’s a whopping. . . 15 cent savings!  But still, all things being equal, I’ll take the 15 cents.  If I saved that every year, I’d get back my year’s membership at Equinox in only 9600 years!


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