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Guide to Free Tracy Anderson Workouts!

  If you’ve read this post, you know that I can’t work out for a while and need a distraction.  As a result, I’ve done what anyone might do with enough time, motivation, and  procrastination skills.  I’ve created what may … Continue reading

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Free and Fun: Just Dance and Christi Taylor on YouTube

Sometimes just jumping around , dancing, and having fun can be a great way to get a cardio workout.  If you like manageble choreography and low impact, here are two free outlets on YouTube!  The videos are short, but if you … Continue reading

Review: Body Groove Delicious Dance, Misty Tripoli

I’ve finally been cleared to work out after straining what turned out to be my gluteous minimus–a particularly unglamorous injury.  I’ve been easing back into things by doing gentler workouts, so today I tried Misty Tripoli’s Body Groove: Delicious Dance, … Continue reading

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Most Flattering (and Cheerful!) Yoga Pants Ever

I recently decided to infuse a little color into my workout clothes since all the black, white and grey I had was beginning to get depressing.  I started with some purple and pink tops, but got really tired of pairing … Continue reading

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Step Aerobics: Still in Style in My Living Room

I love step, and I sincerely wish it were still trendy!  When I mention that I do step, it’s like I walked into New York’s Bryant Park during fashion week wearing a Dress Barn sweater set from 1994.  I get … Continue reading

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Review: Fat Burning Hip Hop Mix, Billy Blanks Jr.

  I have a long history of attempting dance styles that are completely inappropriate for me. I tried ballet at age 16 and was so traumatized by having to wear a black leotard and pink tights while surrounded by mirrors … Continue reading

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Craigslist: A Great Source for Discounted Exercise DVD’s!

I’ve bought and sold a lot of furniture on Craigslist with great success, but it didn’t occur to me until recently to see if anyone was selling exercise DVD’s.  They are!  And not only DVDs, but steps, risers, stability balls, … Continue reading

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Review: Slim in 6 with Debbie Siebers

I’ve noticed that with Beachbody, the longer you wait, the cheaper you can get a particular set of DVD’s.  So although I’ve been interested in Slim in 6 for years, I just bought it used a few months ago on Amazon for … Continue reading

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When You Have to Stop Working Out for a While

Exercising is so weird.  What I mean is, when you’re into it, you’re REALLY into it.  You feel great; you’re getting fit.  You work out literally as many hours as you realistically can.  You push yourself.  You become obsessed.  You … Continue reading

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Iphone App Review: Tempo Magic

I love this little app!  Tempo Magic from Lolofit allows you to put songs from your itunes into a playlist, and then change the tempo.  You can make songs faster or slower without altering the pitch—that is, when you speed … Continue reading

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