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Changing Fitness Trends

What’s with the backlash against crunches?  I keep seeing them described as “endless” “tedious” and “ineffective.”   What?  I’ve always enjoyed them, partly because I can kind of relax and get into a zone while I do them, and partly because … Continue reading

Working on the Hips, Thighs, and Butt: A New Approach

Whenever I’ve worked out consistently, I’ve done some ab work every day.  Most of my cardio workouts had “bonus” abs at the end, and if they didn’t, I’d throw in some abs from other workouts or tack on a segment … Continue reading

Technique for Crunches

Here’s a video I found on YouTube recently of Joanna Hall, fitness expert for Marie Claire.  I really like Technique Tip #1–placing your feet further away from your butt when doing crunches.  I’ve been doing this, and I really do … Continue reading